Fresh plants are a wonderful and thoughtful gift when you want to congratulate a loved one on their birthday, anniversary, job promotion, or any other special occasion. It is a beautiful way of saying, “I’m thinking about you on your special day.” Moreover, fresh plants are perfect if it’s one of those days when you’re giving yourself some extra TLC, and need a fresh plant on your vanity or bath kit. Not only would it bring freshness and beauty in the room or bath, it would make you feel good for caring about yourself.

Glamorous Floral Studio brings you a range of fresh plants for sale in Long Island, NY. Our range includes everything from Phalaenopsis to corn plant to Monstera, Benjamin Ficus, Peace Lily, Cyclamen, Potho, Snake Plant and Kalanchoe in beautiful pots and containers. You may choose from sweet smelling flowers or from vibrant colors of our featured plants. Moreover, you may select your particular plant with your suitable price range. Furthermore, in case the plant you’ve selected isn’t available due to seasonal changes, our florist would create a fresh bouquet for you with plants of equal or higher value.

You may avail of our personalized designs with fast delivery and secure payment methods in Long Island, NY. Moreover, by signing up for our newsletter, you may avail of a discount of 30% of your first order!

Our fresh plants are all you need for a pamper day, for letting your loved one know you’re thinking about them, or for a fresh and vibrant piece of interior décor. Don’t miss this chance of availing of beautiful plants especially curated by Glamorous Floral Studio’s florists and order one (or more) right away! For further assistance and details, you are always welcome to get in touch with us on 516-470-1946 or

Sale -18%

Yellow Double stand Phalaenopsis

Regular price $89.99 $109.99
Sale -18%

Pink Double stand Phalaenopsis

Regular price $89.99 $109.99
Sale -18%

White Double Stand Phalaenopsis

Regular price $89.99 $109.99
Sale -14%

White Phalaenopsis

Regular price $59.99 $69.99
Sale -29%

Tiger Pink Phalaenopsis

Regular price $49.99 $69.99
Sale -23%

Pink Phalaenopsis

Regular price $99.99 $129.99
Sale -11%

Corn Plant

Regular price $169.99 $189.99
Sale -17%


Regular price $124.99 $149.99
Sale -9%

Benjamina Ficus

Regular price $99.99 $109.99